Annie Helms

Ph.D. student in Romance Linguistics at UC Berkeley

About Me

I am a graduate student studying Romance Linguistics in the Romance Languages and Literatures Ph.D. program at the University of California, Berkeley. My research interests include bilingualism, language contact, sociophonetic variation, and quantitative methods, and I focus primarily on Spanish and Catalan in the U.S., as well as in Catalonia, Spain.

My Projects and Tutorials

GitHub repositories that I've built.

This repository contains tutorials for some machine learning techniques in Python, with applications in linguistic research.
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Vowel space density (VSD) as a basis for vowel space area measures (density-controlled vowel space area)
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Discourse context frequency in La Celestina
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Phonetic description of Bay Area Spanish vowels, in comparison with Mexican Spanish control set from the Corpus DIMEx100.
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This repository contains a tutorial for how to generate continua using the TANDEM-STRAIGHT GUI.